HALFDAN E – composer

photo by Lars Daniel

Multi award-winning Danish composer Halfdan E scored BBC1’s 2017 much praised thriller Apple Tree Yard. Directed by Jessica Hobbs for Kudos Film & TV, it starred Emily Watson and Ben Chaplin. Halfdan first burst onto the international market with his music for all 3 series (30 episodes) of Borgen. The show is still screened all over the world  and in the US Newsweek hailed it as The Best Political Show Ever.

Much of the first half of the year has been taken up with a Danish family film called Jeg er William (I Am William) for Metafilm as well as licensing some of his syncs for the feature Return of the President.

Halfdan’s awards include Golden FIPA for Borgen (2010), Best Song for Ivan the Incredible (2012) (shared); Best Original Score for When Heaven Falls (2009), Best Original Score for Drabet and Best Original score for The Inheritance.

His signature style fusing electronics with classical orchestral sounds has been featured in more than 40 features, 6 television series and many documentaries and short films. Outside Denmark some of his large scale orchestral scores have been recorded in London and Prague with leading orchestras.

His international films include the 2015 comedy Comeback; the multi-award winning childrens’ Otto The RhinoA Somewhat Gentle Man (Paradox Productions); When Heaven Falls (Zentropa Productions); Lotto (Nordisk Film); Popular Music (Happy End Films); The Bouncer(Angel Films); The Inheritance (Zentropa Productions); Okay (Bech Film); Manslaughter (Zentropa Productions); Store Planer (Angel Films) and The Bench (Zentropa Productions).

Other major tv series include the second most successful Danish series of all time, Badehotellet” (Seaside Hotel);  Summer (DR Denmark); Appearances (DR Demark); Nynne (Angel Films); and Skrål (DR Denmark). Documentaries include The President (Guldbrandsen Film); Tintin & I (Angel Film) and Worlds Out of Time (SFC).

Halfdan started his career in music as a bass player in many different Danish bands before joining the group Laid Back, then signed to BMG Records. The band’s international hits included Sunshine Reggae, Bakerman and White Horse. He later teamed up with the Danish poet Dan Turell and together they recorded 2 hit albums, winning 2 Danish Emmys. He was already an established rock star before studying for a degree at Copenhagen’s Academy of Music, majoring in playing, composition, orchestration, arranging and sound engineering.

Initially he created a successful career producing and arranging hits for top Danish groups such as Tv-2, Denmark’s most successful pop band. At the same time he started working with young film makers and eventually this new area of work largely took over although when time allows he does record and release commercial recordings, including soundtracks.



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