Marianna DEAN – Director/Screenwriter

Marianna is an award winning director and writer and her directorial debut, Symptoms won numerous awards including Best First Time Director at the Los Angeles Film Awards and an Award of Excellence for Female Directors at the Accolade Global Film Competition. Symptoms tells the story of a trainee doctor, Sam, and in his final practical examination the actors playing patients with fake illness are not all they seem.

Her second film, In the Park, won Best Comedy/Dramedy Short at the LA Independent Film Festival and Best Directing at the International Independent Film Awards. This film is now playing the festival circuits.

She recently directed her first Hollyoaks (4783) which aired on Channel 4 Tuesday November 21, 2017.

She has recently completed Maiasaura, co-written with Lynwood Shiva Sawyer and Cassiah Joski-Jethia and which she will direct. It’s based on the true story of a mother fighting for her two autistic sons’ right to receive suitable education after they are rejected by 26 schools.

Prior to directing films she has produced and directed a number of corporate, brand and content related films to support multiple products and campaigns. As an actress Marianna has been cast in Holby City, Eastenders and Babylon.

Selection of reviews of her work:

‘Straight from the start we are able to see Marianna Dean’s directing talent, with a very impressive opening single shot that introduces us to Sam and sets the light hearted and slightly comedic tone of the first half of the film. The quality of the shooting is not diminished as it progresses either and keeps it’s tone by never sitting still for long on any shot, with its slow pans and handheld motion which give the movie a natural setting and allows us to feel as though we are stood next to the characters.’ – UK Film Review

‘Symptoms is a very fluent short.’ – David Abraham, Channel 4

 ‘Symptoms is a film of real promise from director Marianna Dean, within a short space she manages to convey tension, laughter and ultimately sadness, in a story that would resonate with the majority of audiences and most importantly it reminds us of what we all find to be most comforting, somebody to talk to.’ – UK Film Review

 ‘I like films that toss my expectations to the side and say “Follow me here!”

That’s exactly what Symptoms does and it does so quite effectively. While the story doesn’t go quite exactly where we expect, it’s a deeply meaningful and authentic evolution that works for the story and works for these characters.’ – The Independent Critic