Nicola FLETCHER – Screenwriter

Music supervisor Nicola Fletcher’ long held ambition was to be a writer and she is now successfully combining her two career strands. She currently has a 6 part drama series Tightrope in development based on real events in the period leading up to WW2. At 19 Joyce Simpson is the youngest recruit working for MI5 and is assigned to B5, the domestic counter intelligence division. This reserved, quiet girl is rapidly entangled in murder, duplicity and subterfuge. Not knowing who to believe or trust she wastes no time finding the hidden strength and courage she needs to do what’s right for her country.

A leading A list music supervisor for many years her big break was Guy Ritchie and Matthew Vaughn’s Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and since then she’sworked on more than 35 features including most recently That Good Night, John Hurt’s final film.

Her current writing projects include a feature, The Adventures of Lucian Blow, and an action adventure, The Upside Down Ship, set in 1775 that starts on a whaling ship and ends in the icy wastelands of the South Atlantic. Asylum Giant are shortly to film her short Noir-Man.

As a youngster Nicola never stayed very long in one place because her father, a Captain in the British Army, was regularly posted to different countries but she did finally finish her schooling in London. Before going onto art college she spent a year working in Saudi Arabia then Germany before marrying and having her first child. She and her husband eventually moved onto Libya and Nigeria before settling in London.

She joined John Bird and Gordon Roderick in setting up The Big Issue which led to her moving into photojournalism covering among other assignments the delivery of food to orphanages in Russia and in Bosnia and the effect of war on displaced persons.  She later worked at Brass Hat, a London based film investment company. Whilst there she headed the development and acquisitions department and was content editor of The Investors Cut, a quarterly magazine sent to investors, containing financial updates, investor screenings, festival news etc.