Kristian Eidnes ANDERSEN – composer

Kristian is an award winning Danish film composer with more than 60 scoring credits including Lars von Tier’s Antichrist; Thomas Vinterberg’s  Submarino; Per Olav Sorensen’s tv series The Half Brother and The Heavy Water War aka The Saboteurs;  and NRK’s Nobel, which won the 2016 Prix Europa for best tv series – all the above were successfully screened in the major world markets. Kristian’s 2017 slate includes Spanish director Jaime Rosales’ movie, Petra, and season  2 of the hit Danish tv series Norskov.

Other feature film credits include Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson’s Heartstone and Amanda Kernell’s Sameblood, both prizewinners at The Venice Film Festival; the Polish movies Playground, which was shown at the 2016 London Film Festival, and Opus Film’s The Word; Oscar Nominated director Christian Christiansen’s ID:A; Zenotropa’s A Caretaker’s Tale and the comedy Klown, which had US distribution; Per Fly’s The Woman Who Dreamed of a Man; the family thriller Lost in Africa; and the Norwegian comedy Mennesker I Solen. Television drama also includes the series The Legacy screened on Netflix and Sky in the UK.
His many documentary features include Nicole Nielsen Horanyl’s award winning Motley’s Law about the only female defence lawyer in Karbul; Camilla Nielssons’ internationally lauded, award winning Democrats about politically unstable Zimbabwe under Mugabe; Frida Kempff’s Winter Buoy, about the guardian angels helping drug addicts to start a new life;  Peter Anthony’s The Man Who Saved The World, the multi-award winning story about a retired Soviet military officer who prevented the start of a worldwide nuclear war; Savage Production’s Life Is Sacred about drug cartels in Colombia; and more.
Kristian studied at The Danish National Film School and originally started his professional career as a sound designer before moving across into scoring. He has more than 100 sound design credits and has received many awards for his work including the a Golden FIPA for the music for the tv series The Heavy Water War, Bodil Special Award for Best Sound Design on Antichrist and the Roberts Award for Best Sound Design for Antichrist and Melancholia.

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Kristian’s showreel is on the way but in the meantime check out some examples of his work

The Man Who Saved The World

The Human Scale