simon-300 bAward winning composer Simon Boswell first came to prominence working with some of the industry’s indie mavericks including Alejandro Jodorowsky on Santa Sangre, Dario Argento on Phenomena, Danny Boyle on Shallow Grave and Richard Stanley on Hardware and Dust Devil. He is renowned for his scores for horror and fantasy and cross genre films such as Clive Barker’s detective movie Lord of Illusions. Then there’s the hybrid, cyberpunk riffings of Hackers and Hardware where Simon unusually combined acoustic, slide guitar with resonant, doomy synths to create a hugely popular, apocalyptic score for which he was BAFTA nominated.

He was also Bafta Nominated for his score for the BBC’s The Lakes and was IFMCA Nominated for Best Original Score for his music for the US series The Tin Man. He won Best Score for the BBC’s Close Your Eyes at the Paris Film Festival. Other major credits include Hallmark’s award winning series Jason and the Argonauts; BBC Film’s My Zinc Bed starring Una Thurman; Fox Searchlight’s Cousin Bette; and Jack & Sarah for British Screen.

As a composer he is well known for combining electronic elements with orchestral instruments but he is also brilliant arranger and orchestrator and his many orchestral scores include Photographing Fairies, A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream, War Zone as well as the aforementioned Jason and the Argonauts and Tin Man.

In the last 12 months he has scored three US films and one UK film – The Last Word, Bound To Vengeance and Flytrap and Nick Willing’s Altar – and toured extensively worldwide with his band, ‘the AND’, performing his film music live with an immersive, video backdrop which he describes as “The Velvet Underground meets Pink Floyd conducted by Bernard Hermann on acid!”

Already an accomplished guitarist Simon left Cambridge University with a degree in English Literature before pursuing a fulltime career as a musician. He has always maintained that studying literature is an essential prerequisite for being a film composer, as understanding narrative structure, sub text and character development is often more important for a score than knowing music theory. He played in several major recording and touring bands before moving across to record production and remixing – his album with Italian superstar Renato Zero sold more than 6 million copies – and then film composition. Recent years have seen him collaborate with Elton John, Dolly Parton and Marianne Faithful and other high profile artists for his film projects.

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