Nicholas Mark HARDING – Screenwriter

Nicholas Mark HardingNicholas Harding’s’ latest feature is Folie à Deux directed by Sean Martin for 891 Filmhouse, which premiered in 2014 at the Maine International Film Festival. Credits also include Notebooks of Cornelius Crow, which was screened  at several international film festivals including Cannes.

He created the story for the Hollywood film The Brazen Bull which was directed by Douglas Elford-Argent and earlier was screenwriter on Reality Horror Night, Meeting A Bullet and The Fast Life.

He is developing a drama series The Shipping Forecast and the feature film Kalt with director Suri Krishnamma, the latter starring Nicholas Rowe, as well as a number of other projects for film and television. He is also a published poet and the author of five books and has written comedy sketches for ITV.

He has written articles for national newspapers and magazines and has made over fifty radio interviews for the BBC and other radio stations. He made an appearance on ITV’s This Morning to talk about urban legends and was a consultant and interviewee on Wildfire Television’s Channel 4’s documentary on the Da Vinci Code. He has also worked in the video games industry as a writer, designer and animator.

Initially inspired by the films of  Stanley Kubrick and Gerry Anderson Nicholas began making 8mm films as a teenager. After studying drama in the early 80’s, he taught French film students for three years, writing and producing a series of films as part of a language exchange programme. After attending Newport Film school he spent the 90’s working on low budget independent films shot in London, New York and Los Angeles and worked as an extra on many popular television shows including Casualty, Back Up and This Life.