Henrik LINDSTRAND – composer

“Many composers are good at delivering what the director wants. What is expected.  Henrik creates music you didn’t know you would love.”  So says director Niels Nørløv.   

2017 has kept Henrik busy working on international drama series Greyzone for Cosmo Films and it will be aired in March 2018.  2016 kept Henrik busy with a tv thriller mini-series for Studio+ called Ø for Director Kasper Torsting.  He has since been nominated for “outstanding score – drama for Scandi English language series“Ø”at the LA Webfest 2017.   Henrik’s work as a proven composer for film and television picked up speed in 2007 where he did the score for Anders Morgenthaler’s feature film Ekko.  He was nominated for Danish Cinema’s prestigious Robert Award and has since composed for animation, commercials, documentaries, short films and an ever-expanding list of feature films from directors such as Ole Christian Madsen of Prague fame, Niels Nørløv and Anders Morgenthaler.

Born in Sweden and living in Copenhagen, Henrik is known in many countries as a member of the iconic Scandi band, Kashmir. A key part of his creative life, this is however one of many layers of his extensive musical work.  He is a composer/musician/music producer.  A piano player since age 3 and an accomplished multi instrumentalist, Henrik is a graduate from the Rhythmic Conservatory in Copenhagen.

During his time with Kashmir the band won numerous awards, worked with celebrated producers, including Tony Visconti, James Guthrie and Andy Wallace, recorded with legends David Bowie and Lou Reed.  Henrik not only contributed as a co-writer and musician, but in the collective building of a complex and daring soundscape, with a sense for arrangements and ambient details, that translates well into the storytelling and shaping of emotional environments, of his film scoring career.

As with most Scandinavians he speaks perfect English and works regularly in Denmark, Sweden and elsewhere.

       “Henrik is a musician who is a pure pleasure to work with. I’ve had the honour to use his services on several of my feature films. Henrik’s creative capabilities are vast, his melodies unique and he’s such a damn good listener he delivers the best results for the project. I would strongly recommend Mr. Lindstrand; he has the touch and the trained musical language for both contemporary and classical genres and he has remarkably lifted my films by establishing the correct psychological mood. I’m looking forward to working with him again.”   …………. Craig Frank Director (Journey to Saturn, Jensen & Jensen)

       “At our first meeting for “Klassefesten”(The Reunion) I was well prepared.  I had brought several musical references with me from Hans Zimmer, John Powell, Trevor Rabin (and probably some John Williams).  Henrik nodded appreciatively but responded: “Well, I had actually something else in mind, more in the style of Tom Waits”.  I almost fell off the chair, but since we were early in the process, I gave him time to experiment… and fail. But I was the one who failed. Henrik´s score gave the film and especially it’s character a whole new dimension, that I simply hadn’t recognised.  After that, we used Henrik´s music throughout the whole editing process. His special talent is to find things in the story, you hadn’t found yourself. “………..  Niels Nørløv  Director (The Reunion, Those Who Kill, Summer)

       “I had the pleasure of working with Henrik aka “Henke” on my film “WEEKEND DAD”. Henke’s ability to combine the right dose of cinematic simplistic magic with his background in the world of rock’n’roll was the perfect mix. Through the whole process I felt complete safe and knew the score was in the right hands with Henke. I look forward to working with him again in the near future ………. Johan Stahl Director (Weekend Dad)

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