Ben SalisburyCredits include:Ex_MachinaBeyoncé’s Life Is But A Dream.  Emmy nominated composer Ben Salisbury and his sometimes composing partner Geoff Barrow have received rave reviews for their score for the DNA/Universal hit movie Ex_Machinawritten and directed by Alex Garland.

“Composers Ben Salisbury and Portishead frontman Geoff Barrow contribute a bristling electronic score that swarms and simmers with the characters” own emotional surges.”  Variety

“The soundtrack is phenomenal.”  Fortitude Magazine

He and Geoff have been nominated for two World Soundtrack Awards 2015.  On his own, Ben was nominated for an EMMY for The Wildlife On One programme Operation Thunderball. The title sequence for Life In The Undergrowth, featuring Ben’s theme, won a BAFTA for designer Mick Connaire, Ben won Best Music Video Award at The Missoula International Wildlife Film Festival for his score for Natural Tracks; and a further awards for Natural World-Transylvania at the Montana International Wildlife Film Festival and for Nature’s Great Events at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival.

A classically trained pianist since the age of five, the combination of an impressive, modern cinematic, orchestral style and a deep understanding of alternative rock and electronica has pitched Ben into the field of contemporary drama and features.

Ben has forged a highly successful career, particularly in natural history, where he has scored over 50 films – including the last three of David Attenborough’s Life Of…series: Mammals, In The Undergrowth and In Cold Blood.  Sir David himself has described Ben’s score for episode 3 of The Life of Mammals as “one of the best scores there has been on any programme I have narrated.”   Ben’s credits include Attenborough’s Birds of Paradise;The Natural World: Owls, David Attenborough’s Life Stories, a retrospective 3-part series dedicated to the work of this great naturalist; Inside The Perfect Predator, The Nature of Britain and Congo.

As arranger and collaborator he is also involved with some of the UK’s best ‘alternative’ bands on Geoff (Portishead) Barrow’s Invada label. DROKK was his and Geoff’s first major album co-writing project, inspired by the Judge Dredd comic book series. Ben is also a co-writer with “Bristol sensation”, Malachai.

He has composed the music for several shorts, animation as well as Space, directed by Tim Morgan.

In addition to his large scale orchestral scoring he has also produced numerous electronica/beats-driven scores for films such as the BBC’s Fatal Flower and Clarkson’s Car Years. For the award winning Natural Tracks series of 12 programmes he broke new ground; his score being based entirely on sampled animal sounds.

Ben is also involved in the highly influential Bristol band scene. In 2009 he worked along side Geoff Barrow of Portishead to bring together the Bristol based orchestra The Emerald Ensemble and acts from Barrow’s Invada label, for a unique live event – The Invada Invasion of the Bristol Colston Hall. His arrangements for the Joe Volk slot at that gig were featured on the recordings for Volk’s Adrian Utley (Portishead) produced album. He was the string arranger on the Boca 45 album Vertigo Sounds and has co-written and arranged tracks on the forthcoming Malachai album. Ben is also working on an, as yet, unnamed album project with Malachai’s Scott Hendy.

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