Meg SCHIMELPFENIG – Screenwriter


Meg Schimelpfenig is an LA based screenwriter and actress. She is currently developing a number of projects including the feature Bloodsuckers about a teenage school shooting and the efforts of young people traumatised by those events to lobby their politicians to control the accessibility to automatic weapons without proper controls in place.

She has recently completed work on a feature, How The Other Half Lives, set in 1960s Germany about the daughter of a Stasi informer who falls in love with a boy from the West but their romance is interrupted by the arrival of the infamous Berlin Wall. Her screenplay was a semi-finalist at the 2021 Austin Film Festival and was a quarter finalist in the 2021 Screen & Story Film Festival. She achieved a top ten placing in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences annual Nicholl Fellowship competition and in 2023 achieved second round selection in the ISA Fast Track Fellowship.

Meg has a Bachelor’s Degree in acting and film development from Ohio’s Kenyon College and undertook further studies at the Academy of The Performing Arts in Prague. She has both film and stage experience and had roles in The Fabelmans directed by Steven Spielberg and Oppenheimer directed by Christopher Nolan. She also appeared in HBO’s Prisoner of the Prophet and Netfilx’s Girl in the Picture.

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