Matt Sheeran arranged and produced Perfect Symphony duet between Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli as well as 4 songs on Ed’s latest album; Nick Green composing the score for Andy De Emmony’s Dave Allen: At Peace for Kudos; Ian Arber scoring feature Redcon-1 for Apocalypse Pictures; Dean Valentine scoring US feature documentary Putin and cult game Rune Ragnarok; Suri Krishnamma to direct another block of Coronation Street; Ian Arber & David Rowntree scoring  feature documentary The Story of Motown for Fulwell 73 alongside music supervisor Michelle De Vries; Henrik Lindstrand scoring 10-part thriller tv series Greyzone, directed by SMA client Jesper Nielsen, about events leading up to a terror attack in Scandinavia and which will be shown on ITV; Halfdan E is scoring the Finnish feature film Human Part and Peter Davison scoring feature animation film Strike, starring Bill Nighy.